Getting Married In Sweden


This post mainly relates to a UK citizen marrying a Swedish citizen, though could be useful to people from other EU countries…

Sofia and I are getting married in just under two months. The wedding will be in Småland, Sweden and we’re really excited about our friends and family who are coming! As we’ve been preparing I’ve been able to learn a bit more about the legal side of marriage over here. I’m a UK citizen (and resident) and Sofia is a Swedish citizen (and resident). Here’s the process we have gone through so far…

  1. Certificate of No Impediment: I visited a registry office in the UK and notified them of my intention to marry Sofia.  I had to show them various forms of identification and provide them with her details, as well as the details of where we will be getting married.  These are placed on a notice board for 6 weeks to give members of the general public an opportunity to notify them if I have been married before.  Once the 6 weeks are up, the Certificate of No Impediment is issued.  According to Swedish law, the certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  2. Marriage Licence: Next we visited Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Office), filled in forms and provided them with our IDs (Passport for me, ID card for Sofia) and the Certificate of No Impediment.  They took photocopies of our IDs and the Certificate and will mail us the Licence within 2 weeks. This license will be valid for 4 months, so it was important that we visited Skatteverket at the right time: too early and we would have a license that expired before our wedding, too late and our Certificate of No Impediment would expire.
  3. The Wedding: This can be officiated either by a state official (at a District Court, or City Hall), or a Vicar (in this case it’s the person, not the venue, that counts).

Here are a few resources you might find useful if you’re going through this process:

UPDATE: Since this post has been pretty popular, I thought it might be helpful to mention that if you want to become a Swedish Citizen, it takes 3 years of living in Sweden and being married to a Swede. I haven’t gone through this process myself, but it may help some of you who wish to.

To learn more about the citizenship process, visit the Migrationsverket website here.

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  1. congratulations to you both! thank you so much i am in exactly the same position! i am Darren from london currently live in london,my fiancee Johanna from malmo.we have set a date of 23rd july 2011 but at least we now have ideas and timescales of whats needed! tack.hej

  2. Hi Darren,

    I’m glad this was useful. When I began my research of this process I found it hard to get hold of information that was really useful, so thought I’d write about our process here.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  3. Thanks for this information. It has proved to be a great source of confirmation. I am a brit, living in Spain, marrying a swede who is currently living in Sweden. The difficulty in finding out from any authority which documents i needed was considerable. i think i’ll be posting some information about this process myself :)

    was just flicking through some of your other blog posts. seems we have a few things in common, including being web developers, working with wordpress and expressions engine, having a swedish bride and i also note you have some posts that reference christianity.. well.. im a christian too! :)

    are you presently living in sweden? i’ll be bringing my bride back to spain to live with me for a while but i do like it over there :)

  4. Hi Daniel, thanks for your message – great to hear from you!
    I’m actually in South Africa at the moment, but will respond to you more fully via email.

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